Need To Feel Loved (Nightshadow Remix)

Need to feel loved is an old time classic with a lot of emotion and kickass vocals. This is my take on this awesome tune with some added flavours to spice things up!

Reflekt were an English electronic music group consisting of DJ/remixer/producers Seb Fontaine and Jay Peake (aka Jay P. – one half of Stretch & Vern). They are best known for their 2004 club hit, “Need to Feel Loved”, which reached number 1 on the British Dance Chart. The song sampled “Ghosts”, part of the soundtrack to the 2002 film The Road to Perdition and was featured in the 2005 British/Canadian film It’s All Gone Pete Tong. “Need to Feel Loved” reached number 14 on the UK Singles Chart in March 2005.

As always this was made for fun and your pleasure! Enjoy!


Roger Sanchez & 2nefuse – Another Chance To Love Me

One of my favorite tracks of all time is Roger Sanchez – Another Chance. Whenever i would hear it i would get goosebumps and good old memories from times when i was i kid.

So i recreated/remixed the original track of Roger Sanchez with a little twist. I added different vocals to add to the feeling.. Here are some info about the original:

“Another Chance” is a song co-written and recorded by American house producer and DJ Roger Sanchez. The song is based on a sample from “I Won’t Hold You Back” by Toto. It was released in February 2001 and became a worldwide hit, peaking at number one in Romania and the United Kingdom and reaching the top 10 in Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Spain.

Music Video:


This track was created for fun and your enjoyment, due to the coronavirus and quarantined couples.. Another chance to love you now since we’ll be together all day!






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NightShadow – Groove EP

“Groove” EP is an emotional, melodic electronic pop mini album and was influenced by the modern pop scene, especially from the artist “kygo”. It is a follow up of my last year’s single “Loud (can you hear me)” which was also at the same genre/theme.

Composing melodic songs that can make you feel something good, get goosebumps or take you to a journey of thought and memories is my main goal here.

The Ep contains 4 tracks (2 originals & 2 remixes):

1. So Good (Original)
2. So Good (Digitalic Vibe Remix)
3. So Good (Panos Sidiropoulos Remix)
4. Out of my mind (Original)

Whether you are in your car, or relaxing on your couch, listening to spotify on the train going to school or work, i’m sure this track will take you to a journey of memories. Enjoy!


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Nightshadow – Loud

NightShadow – Loud

Containing a melodic Pop song that will give you goosebumps!

Loud was inspired on a beautiful summer sunset in thassos greece.

I was chilling at the beach and admiring the view and suddenly the inspiration started flowing, so I took my smartphone I started singing the melody of the song.

Since it was going to be the 1st song I was ever going to send as demo to a label, I wanted it to be perfect, so many months passed by until it was formed to what it is right now: a melodic pop song that you want to sing to and dance to, and listen to it on the repeat!

As far as the title concerned, I wanted people to get to know my music and listen to it loud, hence the title: loud (can you hear me)

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NightShadow “Angels” EP

NightShadow “Angels” EP

Containing two tracks in two different versions!

This EP contains 2 tracks ‘Mina’ & ‘Lia’ named after my wife and my mother, the two angels of my life.

Both Tracks are melodic with guitars, piano and other instruments and have background ambient vocals for a unique atmosphere.

The tracks are neither dance nor chill but a bit of both with high contrast between the verses and the drops.

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